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  • Products name: Ultra-clear photovoltaic glass

  Ultra-clear photovoltaic glass is ultra clear rolled glass and is also called ultra-clear wove (patterned) glass. It is mainly used as sealing glass of solar cells and is an indispensable part of photovoltaic solar cells. It enjoys outstanding performance such as high sun light transmittance, low absorption rate, low reflectivity, and low iron content and is the most ideal packaging material for solar photovoltaic and photo-thermal transformation systems. It can largely improve photoelectric and photothermal conversion efficiency.



  The non-toxic composition of Liangsheng’s ultra-clear photovoltaic glass fully conforms to the strict requirements of Europe, U.S. and Japan for environment protection. It is ideal packaging material for solar photovoltaic and solar thermal components.



  (1) Glass thickness: 3.2mm/4.0mm

  (2) Maximum size: 1000﹡2000mm

  (3)Common glass size: 1634*986*3.2mm, 1950*986*3.2mm, 1630*986*3.2mm, 1950*986*4.0mm, etc.


●Main Performance

  1. Glass density: ≈2.5g/cc

  2. Solar transmittance (Wavelength range 380-1100nm): ≥91.3%

  33. Glass iron content: ≤120ppm

  4. Wind pressure resistance: >2400 Pa


Packaging: Wooden pallets.